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Evolution of a religious movement

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In 2010, Jehovah’s Witnesses in the world were about seven millions , of which 1’100’000 in the USA, 130’000 in Great Britain, 110’000 in Canada and 60’000 in Australia, just to mention some of the major Anglophone countries.

Most probably, they have come to your door, or they stopped you in a public place to warn you about the imminent destruction of this world by God and that only the chosen ones, Jehovah worshippers, would be saved from the final judgment, Armaghedon, to live forever on this earth transformed into a paradise.

Apart from the cliché concerning their refusal of blood transfusions, voting, military service and other controversial subjects, what people usually do not know, are the dark corners of this religious movement which are not advertized in their publications and which would discourage anyone to become a Jehovah’s Witness, as, for example, the outright ostracism and shunning reserved to those who stop to agree with their teachings, condemning them to a social death as all persons around him who make up his only social, familial and professional environment, not only stop associating or talking with him, but even saying ‘hello’!

The mission of this site is to collect experiences and reflections which will help to know better this religious movement, which are, sometimes ignored by many people, even many Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves.

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