Jehovah’s Witnesses

Evolution of a religious movement

Apocalyptic cults: failed utopias and consequences for followers

Saturday October 13, 2012

Multipurpose hall, Salses-Le-Château [1], 66600 France

organized by FECRIS, the European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism

with the logistic support of CCMM [2]

and sponsored by the Commune of Salses Le Château and the French Government


Tom Sackville, President of FECRIS, United Kingdom

Introduction and Welcome

Jean-Jacques LOPEZ, Maire of Salses Le Château and Conseiller général of the canton: Welcome

Serge Blisko, President of MIVILUDES [3], France:


Georges Fenech, previous President of MIVILUDES, Member of the National Assembly for the 11th Rhône district, France:


Olivier Morice, Lawyer at the Paris Bar, France:

The trial of Scientology, its challenges, its difficulties placed in an overall international perspective of the Scientology organization

Sandrine Mathen, analyst and psychologist at CIAOSN [4], Belgium:

Study of the phenomenon 2012

Testimony of a former follower of a group/sect gravitating around Bugarach and


Mike Garde, President of Dialogue Ireland [5] :

"The House of Prayer": an Irish apocalyptic Marian group at the edge of Europe

Roxana-M?lina Chiril?, Romania

The Emotional Apocalypse: A Quick View of MISA [6] and its Apocalypse(s)

Thomas Gandow, President of DCI [7], Germany:

Korean apocalyptic cults in Europe

Steven Hassan, M.Ed, LMHC [8], USA:

Followers of apocalyptic cults: Communication strategies that families and friends can use to empower people to think for themselves

Roberto di Stefano, Switzerland:

The prophecies about the end of the world as experienced in a Jehovah’s Witness family

Berislav Pavišic, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, Croatia:

A European approach to the destructive activities of harmful groups - Legal regulation of the activity of sects in a country in transition

Communication read by Branka Dujmic, President of CISK [9], Croatia

Round table discussion on

Comparative International law, examples of best practice on legal issues raised in the different European countries


Mrs. José Varela – lawyer, University of Barcelona, Spain, specialized in family law.

Alexander Dvorkin – President of CRS [10], Russia

Jean-Pierre Jougla – Lawyer, UNADFI [11], France

Mike Garde – Director of Dialogue Ireland


Acts of the Conference

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[1] Northern starting location of the Catalan Countries in Salses, Pyrénées-Orientales

[2] Centre de documentation, d’éducation et d’action Contre les Manipulations Mentales - Documentation Centre for education and action against mind control, founded in 1981 by Roger Ikor, French Goncourt author,

[3] Mission Interministérielle de VIgilance et de LUtte contre les DÉrives Sectaires,

[4] Centre d’Information et d’Avis sur les Organisations Sectaires Nuisibles - Centre of Information and Advice on Harmful Cultic Groups ,


[6] Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute

[7] Dialog Center International

[8] Licensed Mental Health Counselor

[9] Centar za informiranje o sektama i kultovimav – Centre for information about sects and cults

[10] Center of Religious Studies

[11] Union nationale des Associations de Défense des Familles et de l’Individu victimes de sectes

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