Jehovah’s Witnesses

Evolution of a religious movement

Lastest news on Steven Unthank’s case in Australia

- 2012-02-27 "Private prosecution gets thrown out of court" - Latrobe Valley Express - Australia

JW elder elder Term used by Jehovah’s Witnesses to designate a spiritual leader. sexually abused a youngster since he was 6

- 2011-08-25 "A former JW elder who sexually abused a teenager gets only six months"

Alleged JW – recidivist pedophile

- 2011-08-26 "Jehovah’s Witness tried to entice 11 year old boy into having sex"

When Right Doesn’t Mean Correct

- 2011-08-06 "The New Civil Rights Movement"

Although the article is aimed at defending the rights of the gay community, Michael Talon, of “The New Civil Rights Movement", covers quite exhaustively how religious movements tend to influence America’s conscience, using the case of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who “are an organization that has truly used to the full psychological warfare to its benefit and protection.”

JW looses after 5 years court case

- 2011-08-08 "Judge dismisses Jehovah’s Witness’ ’wrongful life’ lawsuit vs. Staten Island doctor and University Hospital"

She had sued her doctor in 2006 for having saved her life using blood transfusion after a very serious hemorrhaging in giving birth to her son on April 3rd 2004.

Sale of WT properties in Brooklyn

- 2011-08-11 News analysis: Inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal - It’s the billion-dollar boondoggle!

- 2011-08-08 Three buildings priced 18.45 millions


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