Jehovah’s Witnesses

Evolution of a religious movement

Pedophilia: Candace - she could have been speared if the Watchtower ...

(Megan and Candace – Casualties of Known Molesters by - Barbara J. Anderson In most child sexual abuse cases the abuser is someone the child knows and trusts – relatives, neighbors, coaches, teachers, ministers. And, incredibly, in too many of these cases, the abuse was preventable because the abuser was known by others to have molested before, but that fact was not known to those who could have protected the child. In 1994, both Megan and Candace were sexually abused and Megan died at the (...))


Jehovah’s Witnesses and the racial discrimination problem

(One thing that today’s Jehovah’s Witnesses may not believe is the way they have treated other races than whites in the past. At the time when, according to their teachings, Jesus Christ had chosen them as the sole communication channel in 1919, the attitudes these white Christians had at the time, has nothing to do with what we could call “Christian indiscriminate love” towards all. An example is the following exrept from the Watchtower magazine dated April 1st 1914 which, in spite of the (...))



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